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clock day things

2010-08-10 23:19:03 by k3ltr0n

my clock day movie is done!!! well i finished it a few days ago but yeah now just time to wait to actually submit it! until then im participating in's 5 day collab ! i guess i just have to make a short flash every day till clock day and then it will be put in a flash.. or something.. HERES 2 SNEAK PREVIEWS OF WHAT IVE MADE SO FAR

day 1 - 0
day 2 - 1

SO IF YOU WANNA SEE MORE JUST KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED ON CLOCK DAY FOR IT TO BE SUBMITTED!! all my contributions to the collab will basically be clockafied japanese videos. woah so cool!! i like how im talking so cool in this post like im so popular except 2 people are going to read this and be like "hmm". well if you are actually reading this, post "puppy popsicles!" in a comment below! or say something interesting. YEP

clock day things


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2010-08-11 05:21:51

sexy picture. (the cat)


2010-08-15 01:15:33



2010-08-15 04:24:25

we <3 keltron


2010-08-27 07:50:37

puppy popsicles!